What went wrong with OnePlus 3T and Oreo Update?

Recently, my Oneplus 3T got the long waited oreo update. But things became messy soon after the first reboot. The update caused many apps to crash, some icons went missing, freezing problem and some other issues which we are going to discover in this post.

1. Apps Keep Stopping

Oneplus 3T app crash oreo

Apps now start to crash randomly and show ANR. Even one of Google’s app, Adsense now doesn’t even open and keeps crashing. Same goes for some other apps like GCMOB, etc.

2. App Icons Missing

The second issue is that after the recent update, some apps are missing the app icons. Including my app as well (Ethereal*New). The icons do appear on my other devices which runs on API < OREO. But that is not the case for all apps, just a handful of apps.

3. Notification Toggle Colors

Notification bar oneplus 3t oreo

I don’t know why OnePlus decided to select the “blue color palette” over white for notification toggle color accent. That looks so “honeycomb-ish”. But that definitely looks bad. Wish there was an option to select this color. Along with Notification bar colors, some apps like QuickPic’s accent colors were also changed. But that might just be Quickpic’s fault to choose device specific colors instead of app-specific.

4. Notification Toggles Do Not Work as They Used to

Before Oreo, if you swiped down the notification bar, and click on WiFi button, it would turn OFF or ON. If you further expand the notification bar and click on WiFi button, it would open a new window inside notification bar to select the WiFi networks. Same for Bluetooth. It was easy to select WiFi networks back then.

A Major issue which continues since inception

OnePlus is always there to help customers on Social Media. I have contacted numerous times on their twitter handle and got the help pretty quickly.

But there’s a major issue with OnePlus 3T that it would show the contacts of a Gmail account for which we have disabled “Contacts” sync in Settings. And the contacts for the account would still be synced.

Yes, I have found a workaround for this. I have selected a particular Gmail account in Contacts app to show the contacts. But apps like Whatsapp would always show all the contacts that have been synced.

In my case, I have mine as well as my father’s Gmail account added to my OP3T. I want to sync everything for my account but only Gmail for my father’s account and that is actually set in Settings. But WhatsApp still shows my father’s contacts list (2000+) and some of our mutual contacts are messed up. Please Oneplus, solve this asap. I never had this issue with my LG Nexus 5.

These are the issues with OnePlus (3T). If I encounter more, I’ll add it here. And if these issues are rectified, I’ll update this post accordingly.

Update: Oneplus temporarily pulled the plug for OP3/3T Oreo update. We may soon get another bug-free update. See, OnePlus is very quick in listening to customer feedback and this what I like about this company. Cheers!

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