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How to remove bloatware from Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

So you bought an Amazon Fire 7 tablet and it came loaded with Amazon bloat app. Amazon is not just selling you the seven-inch tablet for mere $50 (8GB) but also the apps which bloat your device. You simply cannot uninstall it directly from the tablet. Not everyone wants every built-in app so they should […]


5 Vital ADB Commands You Must Know

ADB is a small-size, powerful utility which can do wonderful things for your Android device. All you need to know is the right ADB commands and learn how to use it. There are a number of ADB commands out there, you can browse them directly in your terminal. We’ll discuss it later in this very […]

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How to do Full Phone Backup using ADB?

There are some bad times when a phone just won’t go beyond boot animation, aka boot loop. This is common when you update your phone’s firmware. This is why and how you should keep backups of your device on NAS. Now to backup your data, ADB is the best option you’ve got. Please note that […]