Getting Started! – Studio

“Hello, World!”

This is the first post for Android Studio related articles. The posts under the category of Studio shall be hidden from the home page so that ordinary users don’t get to see the development related posts.

What’s going to be written in this category?

Well, all sorts of Android development related articles from How-tos to libraries to the latest know-how of developer world.

I am a full-stack Android developer with three years of experience (as onĀ 08/2018). I will be sharing some basic Android Studio guides with some monthly (or weekly) challenges to boost my productivity and sharing the knowledge with the devs of the world.

What’s next for the rest of 2018?


A weekly or maybe monthly challenge to develop a certain number of apps. For example, develop 15 different apps within a month or a weekly challenge to complete a semi-complex Android app


CardView and RecyclerView articles, Volley and Retrofit guides, Picasso or Glide (which one’s the best), implementing a library into the project from scratch, adding a project to git and where to upload it and more like them.

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