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How to Send Full Size Image on WhatsApp?

People have wondered to send full size image on WhatsApp but with the support of sending documents, we can now send full resolution images on WhatsApp.

You can send more than 10 images on WhatsApp now.

How to send full size image on WhatsApp?

  1. Open a WhatsApp conversation.
  2. Click on attach icon > Document.
  3. Click on Browse other docs…
  4. Now select the image you want to send.

You can send higher resolution images to the person now and not the 1MP image. There’s one secret benefit of this awesome hack, You can send more than 10 images on WhatsApp, in full resolution, with all the EXIF data. In short, you can send the original image file on WhatsApp.

How to send more than 10 photos on WhatsApp?send full size images on Whatsapp, Send more than 10 photos on Whatsapp

It’s simple, just follow the above steps to send a photo as a document. Now tap and hold on a photo to select, keep on selecting the photos you want to send. There’s no limit on photos limit with this way.


You should know a few things. Sending original, full resolution images come at a cost. You will be using more data (you have been warned). If data cap is not your concern then it’s fine.

Also, be sure to delete the sent items in your WhatsApp folder as they are the duplicate images of what you already have.

To delete, Open File manager > Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Documents > Sent.

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