Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Note 9 is hands down the biggest and the best Samsung flagship ever. It’s too big a claim to make already but read on to know why I said so.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Note 9 flagship plus a couple of thoughts I’ve had on the phone. Here’s my list of the top 6 features that should keep you excited for the Note 9.

The Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Press Images - All ColorsSo of the bat is the not so new design: It’s kind of what we expected. It’s the same glass and metal boxy design that we are used to from the previous versions of the Note. It has the same curved edges- infinity display but what’s new to notice and appreciate, is the placement of the fingerprint sensor and the heart rate sensor on the back of the phone which are much more easily accessible than in the previous versions. Though it’s a very small change, a very important one as you will be using it all the time.

Also, the note 9 has 2 new colors to choose from: Lavender Purple and the Ocean Blue which I must say, I am a big fan of. The glass back is a fingerprint magnet. And it has the all-new matching stylus colors for the very first time. Ahem, I’ll get to the sPen details in a bit.

The variable aperture dual Cameras

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Press Images - Dual Cameras AI

The Note 9 cameras are almost the same as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ but have a few major tweaks on the software part. The main camera on the Note 9 is a variable aperture camera which goes between f1.9 and f2.4. To take photos in low light, just switch to the f1.9 aperture mode and you will have stunning bright photos. Flaw detection is the major software tweak you get on the Note 9. It uses the camera’s AI to detect if the subject was blurred or if your subject blinked so that you can click again and have stunning photos. It also tells you if the camera sensors are smudged and need a wipe.

The Note 9 camera AI also recognizes the scene you are clicking and automatically boosts the contrast and color for specific scenes. This is a fairly good auto-shoot mode but if you are more into taking professional photos, you might just want to switch it off with a single tap. What is important to mention here is that both these cameras are optically image stabilized which simply means you can take photos of speeding cars without worrying about the blur.

Gaming: Note 9 welcomes Fortnite on Android

Yes, you heard it right. Fortnite has come to Android and it is first available on the new Samsung device where you can play it before any other Android user can. Having said that, why is it even important? Because Samsung is focussing on making Note 9 a little more gaming-focused phones like some of the other flagships like the Asus ROG and the Razer 120Hz gaming phones.

The Note 9 comes with a water-carbon cooling system with a larger heat spreader to keep your games running smooth like a knife on butter. With the 6.4 inches Super AMOLED, Note 9 is the best phone to game on even if it is not a gaming phone.

The S-Pen has Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Press S Pen ALL

Samsung has managed to surprise us with the biggest SPen upgrades till date and this time the SPen actually gets Bluetooth low energy which means two things: 1. You can now use it as a remote control from up to 30 feet away. The button on the SPen can be mapped to do a bunch of different things based on the app you are in. A single tap can do one thing, a double tap another and a long press can do another. It is customizable and it’s remappable.

Out of the box, the long press launches the camera. You can double tap it to switch to the front camera. And then do a single tap to take the photo. This is interesting as people can come up with different macros to make the life on a note even easier than what comes out of the box. 2. The sPen needs to be charged but Samsung has developed a supercapacitor that charges it for 30 minutes of use in just 40 seconds. And all you have to do to charge this thing is to plug it back into the phone.

If you want to do a complete showoff, you can go ahead and buy the Ocean Blue color and you get a bright yellow SPen which happens to be the only Spen with a contrasting color. I am glad that Samsung has gone bold and used this as a variant.

All day lasting Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Press 4000mAH battery

The phone isn’t much thicker at all than it used to be but its now packing a 4000mAh battery, assuming that it doesn’t explode, that’s huge. A huge screen like this needs a bigger battery so I am happy to see Samsung pushing up that envelop again. 4000mAh matched with Samsung’s power efficient OLEDs and good power management should mean that you can use it from dawn till its time to sleep without draining it entirely.

The specs look promising

On the inside, the phone is a big-time spec bump from 2018. It has a Snapdragon 845 processor coupled with either 6 or 8 gigs of ram depending upon which variant you choose to go with. The 6GB version has 128 GB storage while the 8GB version gets a massive 512 GB storage. That’s insane. That’s over half a terabyte of flash storage right in your pocket plus, it still has the micro Sd card slot so you can drop in another 512GB microSD card and you can literally have a terabyte in your pocket.


With the launch price of a whopping INR 67,900, I’ve seen people claiming the Note 9 to be a boring incremental upgrade and you can literally skip this phone. But if you have said this, trust me you are severely underrating this phone.

To do a round-up of all that this brick contains: 6.4in Quad HD super AMOLED – super bright- super vibrant display which is probably the best screen on any phone, IP68 water resistance certification, fast wireless charging, fast wired charging with USB type C, a headphone jack, 4000mAH battery placed alongside a SPen in the phone, iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and dual cameras both of which are optically image stabilized. And the whole thing is wrapped between, curved edges, no notch, thin bezels, clicky buttons and a solid build. Now that is a damn good phone.

Written by Ishant Kulshreshtha.

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