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Now in Android #38

TheĀ· MAD skills The series will continue to evolve, along with the latest technical content on Android development.

Murat Yener It was started New series of navigation components:

This series is Previous navigation series.. Its original series shows how to use the Donut Tracking app to use some of the navigation features such as dialog destinations, SafeArgs, and deep links. This second series extends the original sample by adding the ability to track coffee data as well (because how do you make donuts without coffee?).

The first episode will show you how to navigate between various elements of your app’s UI, such as action bars, drawers, and bottom tabs. All of this is easy with the navigation components and menu IDs.

Or, for those who like to read the content, here is the form of the article:

Stay tuned for more Navigation content as Murat continues to explore other areas of the Navigation API.

But wait, there’s more!

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