New tools on our website

We are constantly working on improvements to make our website easier to use. That’s why we recently added some tools to make the experience better and more intuitive.

Online course features— This tool was created to share open courses and leave follow-up material for workshop participants. All workshop participants now have online access to course videos and exercises (and some additions), resources, and suggestions on what to learn next.Everything else can be made Our preparation guide Or Introducing Kotlin 2018 Exercise.

If you attend either our course or a course conducted by Marushin Moscara I haven’t received an email (check for spam). This means that you don’t have an email address.Please log in and contact us by email

Open workshop request— You may want to request an open online workshop in your area, but our website didn’t support it. Now that’s right! Separate forms for in-house and open workshop requests.

DTO generator— I created a generator because my backend application needs to generate a lot of similar classes (dto, json, document / entity, assertions).

JSON formatter— —Cleans JSON and generates TypeScript type and Kotlin class definitions. It runs in your browser and doesn’t send or save your code anywhere!

We hope you like these changes. If you have any suggestions or would like to share with others, please contact us at: We will be happy to help you! 🙂

Happy coding!
Kt.Academy team

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