Kotlin for Interviews series

Hello, Happy Friday!

In the first half of November, we published a series of five Kotlins for interviews. Sherry Yuan.. These cover data structures, collection functions, math, general algorithms, and other parts of Kotlin that are important to know in a technical interview.

You will find them all below!

But first, Check “Kotlin for interviewA cheat sheet that outlines the code snippets that appear frequently during interviews.

Part 1: Common data types

Describes some common data types commonly found in algorithmic and data structure questions. MutableList, HashMap, or PriorityQueue.

part 2: Collection function

This part covers the topics of collection functions: getters, search and search, sorting, Boolean summarization, and statistical summarization.

Part 3: Numbers and math

Describes numbers and math topics such as number types and math operators, as well as useful functions and constants.

Part 4: Iteration

This part covers a review of ranges, 1D arrays / lists, 2D arrays / lists, maps, and PriorityQueues.

Part 5: Frequently used code snippets

Describes frequently used code snippets such as graphing in adjacency list format, breadth-first search, tree scanning, and dynamic programming / memoization.

Happy coding!
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