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Jetpack Compose — Auto Complete Search Bar | by Paulo Pereira | Mar, 2021

Paulo Pereira

Today, Android apps have more and more features and more data to show to users. Even with the best user experience (UX), even with a lot of data, it can be difficult for users to find what they are looking for.

One common way to make this easier is to use the search bar. And what’s better than the search bar? — —

Search bar with autocomplete!

If you want to learn how to add a fully customizable autocomplete feature to the search bar, stay with me.

And … use the latest Android UI Toolkit. Jetpack Compose.. :]

The project is mine GitHubPlease feel free to check. (A good option if you’re lazy! Stay here if you want to learn 😁)

As a prerequisite you will need Android Studio Canary.. the current, Jetpack Compose Only works with these Android Studio versions. If you use the last version, it’s ok.

If you downloaded the project, build and run the app.


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