Why Some Manufactures Dumped Micro SD Card From Their Phones?

Taking only Android phones into focus, Not many phones come with built-in Micro SD card slot. Even the flagships do not have micro SD card slot (except Samsung’s). What might be the reason of dumping the beloved Micro-SD slot?

There are a few reasons I am considering. One of them is phone’s thickness (actually, thinness) which doesn’t let the micro-sd card slot to be installed in a slim chassis. Another is phones today have enough storage that manufacturers think users don’t need to expand the storage. The third one is very crucial which we’ll discuss in a great detail today. It’s fast draining of battery and overheating of the device.

Negative Effects of having Micro SD Card Slot in Phones

There are negative effects on phones when it has micro SD card slot. It uses more battery to power the transfers which cause phones to overheat. This usually happens on low-end devices as high-end (flagships like Samsung’s Galaxy S8) have latest and efficient chipsets.

The drainage of the battery is not that fast when using ROEHSOFT Ram Expander Review SnapMicro-SD card storage as just storage. Actually, some people root their devices and use micro SD card to expand (or swap) the RAM. It eventually gives a performance boost to old phones resulting in overheating of the device. There are apps like ROEHSOFT Ram Expander which is highly popular for this job and many users even dropped a thankful review for this app as this let them boost the performance of their old devices.

More disadvantages of keeping the Micro SD Card Slot

  • MicroSD Cards have a Fat32 file system which is not par with the internal storage making it slower than the primary memory.
  • Latest Android versions do not allow users to install apps onto the micro SD card.
  • NEW: Google and OEMs want to encourage users to use cloud storage instead.
  • NEW: Users can already transfer files via BT/WiFi-Direct or even directly to external HDD using an OTG cable.

Maybe these are the reasons OEMs don’t provide a microSD card these days. But hey, this is not a negative post. Micro SD cards are really very useful and there are many users (including me) who would want a micro SD card slot on their phones. Because even the more storage is not always enough.

Thanks to this reddit user for adding the NEW* points. Here are a few comments which need to be read.

There’s another side of the story too. Couldn’t agree more:

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