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Are you feeling overwhelmed? Refactor your assumptions | by Jean-Michel Fayard

Jean-Michel Fayard

Overcome the fear of missouts with Kotlin and IntelliJ.

The· Best About being a developer? There is always something new to learn. Coroutine! Flow! Composition! Codeine DB! Ktor! Arrow! Costest!

The· worst About being a developer? There is always something new to learn. Coroutine! Flow! Composition! Codeine DB! Ktor! Costest!

One of the best talks I’ve seen recently Hype development From Kitze. Analyze how Fear Of Missing Out on Twitter drives us crazy. I’m sure most of my readers are involved in it:

The simple fact of life as a programmer is that we never know, and never know, all the latest languages, technologies, and frameworks.

And emotionally, we are not aware of it is not necesary to.

This madness comes from a good place: The desire to always know more.

It’s a testament to a good developer.

But it has a dark side.

Stress was invented by nature to help survive dangerous situations. Stress helps escape predators and accidents on the highway and actually saves lives. But then it must be released, otherwise you will get sick.

The peak of stress that helps you avoid danger is good.

On the other hand, being in permanent survival mode is bad.

The question is not how to “manage” persistent stress, but how to eliminate it.

Answer: Refactoring the internal dialog.

If you need to guess what the internal dialog looks like when emphasized this way:

Okay, you think you have to learn JavaScript, Front-End, Back-End, iPhone, Android, AWS, DataScience..

Wow. That’s a lot.

That’s too much.

But thank you for submitting your internal dialog for me to review.

Here are some things I noticed.

It’s not just for you, it’s a feature feelsOverWhelmed() It’s true for everyone.

JetBrains IntelliJ usefully emphasizes this issue and suggests a quick fix.

Apply the correction.

will you do feelsOverWhelmed() Do you feel the features make sense to you now? 🤔

To find out, I try to apply a refactoring option: Inline function..

Oh, did you notice what happened?

IntelliJ just removed the parts that felt overwhelming.

That’s right. Feeling overwhelmed from time to time tells you nothing about you, except I already knew.

You are a developer

We still have a lot to learn, so let’s move on.

Well, you want to succeed.

Who won’t do it?

It tells me nothing about yourself.

Press IntelliJ and the issue will be highlighted again nicely Alt-Enter To your Boolean.

Then i Simplify Boolean expressions..

Now the code looks like this:

Push F2 This is a shortcut for the action Next highlighted error..

Why does IntelliJ suggest deleting the expression?

Again, the fact that you are procrastinating tells you nothing about yourself, except that you are a normal person.

In other words, some people will pretend not to procrastinate. This shows that self-awareness is not very good.

But you are better than that.

Yes, delete that expression.

Once again i press F2 And Alt-Enter For quick correction.

The IDE is correct.

Is there an enthusiastic view that “success is good and procrastination is bad”?

They don’t mean anything. We can let them go.

Delete those variables.

After deleting unused variables, I stayed …

F2 And Alt-Enter.. You are good at things like this!

As you can see, there is no reason You are It needs to be emphasized in particular.

Apply the correction.

Why on earth do you need this developer With variables Developer class?

We let them go because they aren’t causing joy.

understood. There are still empty meaningless functions left.

Inline it as we did feelsOverWhelmed():

This is the final state I think the sweaty internal dialog needs to be refactored.

  1. Be aware of your stress.
  2. Pause. Breathe
  3. Be aware that permanent stress is never needed.
  4. Make a note of what is stressing you.
  5. Later you will find a solution to eliminate the stressor.
  6. Tip: It’s usually strange to talk to someone you can trust.


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