Apple M1 vs Intel — The ULTIMATE Comparison

Tuan Kiet

I’ve heard about the new M1 MacBook, but I’ve also heard that it must be faster than any other Intel MacBook. But are only the average user fast? Is it good or bad for developers? Do I need to upgrade now or wait for the next generation of M1X? Let’s check!

Technical specifications

According to Geekbench 5, the new MacBook Pro M1 is 70% faster on a single core and 50% faster on a multi-core, but the numbers in the treatise do not always lead to actual performance.

Note that the i7 has 12 threads, while the M1 has only 8 threads.

This is a 6 year old Android project I’m currently working on and has 44 modules and 917 tasks that I need to perform. Approximately 50% Java and 50% Kotlin include many annotation processors such as Dagger 2, Data Binding, and Butter Knife.

All dependencies are cached. --rerun-tasks Is enabled and M1 is Native JDK (Zulu aarch64).Details can be found in the build scan

Intel MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2019):


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