Why Android is still better than iOS (iPhone)? It’s 2018 already

There is an indefinite debate over why Android is better than iOS and vice versa. Android fanboys support Android and iPhone fanboys back iOS. Let’s look at a practical perspective on how Android OS is far better than iOS even in 2018.

Bundled Notifications

The first iPhone was launched in 2007 and it got equipped with

iPhone iOS messed up notification GIF notification bar in 2011 (iOS 5). Well, it’s never too late. But they are still far behind Android’s notification bar. We, Android users, have bundled notifications which means if one app is showing multiple notifications, it’ll be grouped into one and each individual or sub-notification can be viewed by expanding the main or parent notification.

Just look at the GIF which shows an iPhone user turning his phone ON after a few days.

Default Apps

Android gives you the ability to change the default apps. When you open a music file, you can choose from a list of music apps which can play that file.You can also set other apps as default apps. Not just music but this can be done with every app like Mail, Browser, Video player, etc.


Android Phone with Headphone jack

When there are more than 20000 Android phone models, users have an option if they want a phone on a budget, a phone with a better camera or a phone with microSD card slot and even an option to have phones with a Headphone jack.

Competition Effect

The Android ecosystem has competition. Most users are less loyal to particular brands or OEM but Android as a whole. This puts a lot of pressure on OEMs to manufacture a quality product with a competitive pricing. OnePlus is one such example.

Organize Files and Folders

You can customise files and folders using a built-in file manager or your favorite file manager app from Play Store. You can download and move files in any folder on the device. And using a USB-C stick which connects to an Android phone and a computer is a nifty tool to transfer large files on the go.

Open Source OS

You may be wondering what do consumers have to do with that? But at least you should know that Android is an Open Souce framework and anybody can use its source code to develop and distribute software or hardware. So if you ever owned an Android phone and you didn’t like it, It may be OEM’s fault and not Android’s. To have a good Android experience, you have to own a good Android device.

Other Powerful Advantages over iOS

  • Keep the home screen clean and organized. No app icons on the home screen if you don’t want to. We have app drawer for all the apps.
  • Widgets on Home screen.
  • For the SPen users, Samsung’s Note series is irreplaceable.
  • One can install apps from other sources without rooting. Like APKs from websites, F-Droid marketplace, etc.
  • TWRP – A great custom recovery tool. You can take a backup of your complete phone (including system/firmware) to a microSD card.
  • Custom ROMs – Got bored of current ROM? Want MIUI in LG phone or Stock Android in Xiami phone? XDA developers have got you covered.
  • Users can get the most out of apps like LastPass by granting accessibility rights.
  • My uncle switched from iPhone to Android because he was not able to view caller name right when the phone was ringing. Truecaller doesn’t work that way on iOS as it does on Android.

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