Why Sarahah is Dangerous?

There is a new app doing rounds on the internet, Sarahah. I got to know about it just a week ago and soon some of my friends started sharing their links on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp.

But, What is Sarahah and why was it started?

The app is developed by Saudi-developer and the term “Sarahah”, in Arabic, means honesty. His vision for the app was to give anonymous feedback to employees.

Trying out a viral app is a good thing but not every time. This app has several hidden dangers which we will discuss in this post today.

  1. People openly share their Sarahah links to receive secret messages. Some of them are just too sensitive to bear the blunt messages, hence they are bullied.
  2. People who complain about stalkers announce their Sarahah ID and then the stalkers turn up to them. And then they complain about stalkers. Remember, you invited that stalker to send you a private (and maybe nonsense) message.
  3. The app may be used to harass boys/girls by stalkers.
  4. Negative people will spit rude comments just to hurt the other person.
  5. People anonymously threaten like: “I’ll hurt you in so and so ways”.

Give a man a mask, then he will show you his true colours.

Moreover, the app could lead to cyberbullying. Back in 2014, there was an app called Secret similar to Sarah in which users could send anonymous messages. The app was valued at $100m at its peak but eventually pulled down by its developers because of legal tussles and allegations of cyberbullying.

There are some people who are getting positive feedback from the app but we can not ignore the other side of the coin too. The best way to use Sarahah would be to share the links only with those who you know. Getting feedback in public (and anonymous) domain is dangerous.

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