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Why are Rooting Apps not Working Anymore?

In the past, rooting an Android device was quite easy and quick via some rooting apps. Some of the most popular rooting apps like KingoRoot, Z4Root, Root Genius, Universal Androot, etc allowed users to root their phones without any issues. Unfortunately, almost all of these rooting apps are not working anymore. Due to this, rooting Android devices is not that easy anymore.

Why Rooting apps stopped working?

To understand why none of the rooting apps are working on the current versions of Android, we have to first understand how these work. In older versions of Android, there were some vulnerabilities which were used by these rooting apps. These apps would mount as read/write the directory /system. After that, they place a binary named “su” in “/system/bin/su so that you can get the root access whenever you are using a root app.

But Google is known for its timely security patches for Android which are meant to fix any kind of vulnerabilities or bugs in the operating system. Such exploits or vulnerabilities are allotted a CVEID which get fixed in Android Security Bulletins.

All smartphones with a security patch of January 2018 or newer cannot be rooted by any of the above mentioned rooting apps.

Using Rooting Apps on Older Versions of Android

In case if your smartphone is still running on Android 5.1.1 or older then all these rooting apps will work on your Android device without any issue. So if you have an older device and want root access then you can definitely use such apps.

While these apps will successfully work on your Android device, you should only use them when all other methods did not work for your device. Since such apps use Android vulnerabilities, they might cause further issues with your Android device like not being able to boot up.

Apart from that, these apps can even access your sensitive data like saved passwords, saved cards, banking details, addresses, etc.

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