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How to Transfer Data from Android to Mac

Transferring data from Android to Mac has not been a good experience. I agree that Windows is better in terms of transferring data from Android. But, since you have got Apple Mac OS computer/laptop, you should know the methods of transferring data from your Android device to your Macbook or iMac or even to your Hackintosh.

Native, Standalone apps for transferring data between Android and Mac

Android File Transfer

This is the most basic file transfer which Google provides to Mac users and it has not updated since a long time, at least the UI is exactly the same as it was in 2012. But, it’s still more powerful than any other file transfer tools mentioned in this post. Because it can transfer large files without any issues. It only lacks a good UI and wireless option.

Android File Transfer has its own demerits as sometimes it won’t connect to your device even if you have selected File Transfer in “USB mode”. You have to disconnect and connect your device OR close and open Android File Transfer until it connects and shows the files.

For my personal usage, I use this tool only to transfer large files like Movies or folders containing images, songs, etc.

Android File Transfer Mac Error

Also, there’s one annoying bug. Even when I connect my phone under charging mode, Android File Transfer opens and shows “can’t access device storage” error. And it doesn’t stop at that. It would continuously show this error until I unplug my device or change the USB setting to file transfer. Quite frustrating.

Download File Transfer for Mac from Official Android website.


Handshaker screenshot - OFFICIAL

This one is for the UI lovers, It’s got a good user-interface, features both USB, and wireless mode. If you want to transfer small to mid-size files, you can depend on Handshaker. You’ll find its UI neat and polished.

I have faced issues while transferring large files using HandShaker over USB mode. Many times it got stuck at 30-40% when transferring >2GB files. Forget wireless mode for transferring large files from Android to Mac as it’s very slow and unstable.

HandShaker for Mac is available to download from their official website. But Android app is not available on Play Store but don’t worry you will be directed to download APK file when you connect your phone to Mac with Handshaker installed.

Web-Apps for transferring data from Android to Mac

Xender Airdroid File Transfer Android

AirDroid, Xender: Both of them offer great UI and they run from your web browsers. That means you don’t have to install any third party app on your Mac. You can choose any one of them for transferring small to mid-size files.

You just have to open a URL ( for Xender and for Airdroid) in your browser. From there, It will ask you to scan QR code from the respective app installed on your Android device and you’ll be connected in a snap.

Final Words

I personally use AFT (Android File Transfer), Handshaker and Xender. Out of the three, I use Xender for transferring files to other devices except for Mac. Hence, AFT and HandShaker are the two best choices I can recommend to transfer files between Android and Mac. Both for their different uses and both have their own pros and cons.

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