Top 5 Budget Phones under Rs. 10000

Even the Budget phones now come with features you would expect to see in premium phones. With so many options available, picking the right phone is important. Here is a list of top 5 budget phones under 10000 available in India to help you make the right decision before you commit to it for a few years to come.

Quick Comparisons – Phones under 10000

Realme 5
Phone / FeaturesRealme 5Redmi Note 8Samsung Galaxy M20Redmi Note 7Vivo U10
ProcessorSnapdragon 665Snapdragon 665Exynos 7904Snapdragon 660Snapdragon 665
OSAndroid 9.0, Funtouch OS 6Android 9.0, MIUI 11Android 8.1Android 9.0, MIUI 11Android 9.0, Funtouch 9.1
Camera(Rear)12MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP48MP, 2MP, 2MP, 18MP13MP, 5MP48MP, 5MP13MP, 8MP, 2MP

5. Samsung Galaxy M20(Rs.8999)

Game Space. Disables notifications while in game.

Samsung galaxy M20 mobile phone

Not much attention has been paid to this budget phone’s design. It has a plastic frame & very basic color options to choose from. That being said some improvements have been made in the design. M20 has the bottom-firing speakers & the upgrade type C USB port.


  • It certainly packs a large battery, therefore you won’t need to top it up for more than a day.
  • This phone also provides a Game Space, which disables notifications & has a feature that lets you take screenshots in midst of gameplay. Thus making it a handy feature.


  • While other phones in this segment have opted for glass frames, Samsung Galaxy M20 is made of plastic & looks inexpensive. Also, the back is prone t0 scratches.
  • Interestingly, the color options are average as well.
  • The fingerprint sensor is placed a bit too high. Hence reachability is an issue.
  • It does not have an LED notification light nor does it have an ambient light sensor.
  • It still runs on Android 8.1, while other budget phones have upgraded to a newer version.

4. Vivo U10(Rs.9490)

The phone has a whopping 5000mAh battery.

Vivo U10 mobile phone

To compete in the budget phone market, the Vivo U10 definitely has few tricks up its sleeve. It has come up with a rear triple camera setup, which is favorable in this segment. The phone works seamlessly in the day to day use. Surprisingly it doesn’t even lag while playing high graphics games such as PUBG (though on low graphics setting) & neither does it get warm. This budget phone supports 18W charging.


  • It has a triple camera setup, which is a first in this segment. Hence its quite a big selling point.
  • The phone has a whopping 5000mAh battery, which is commonly found in premium devices.
  • Its rear triple camera setup is placed neatly. Hence it does not wobble when lying flat on a table.
  • With a large battery, it lasts for more than a day easily.


  • The design of the phone is extremely boxy. Therefore making it difficult to handle.
  • Its night time camera performance is mediocre.
  • This phone has still not upgraded to the Type C charging port.
  • Fun touch OS is a bit dated.

3. Realme 5(Rs.9990)

First budget phone to sport a rear quad-camera setup in this segment.

Realme 5 android mobile Phone

Its the first budget phone to launch a rear quad-camera setup in this segment, thus making it a clear cut selling point. Also, camera performance does not disappoint in the least bit. Satisfying camera, exceptional battery & delivering an overall superb performance, it is a budget phone which ticks all the right boxes.


  • The overall camera performance of this phone is excellent.
  • It has a splash-resistant body that is unheard of in this segment. Hence making it a major virtue.
  • Also, the gaming experience is a definite plus point. It does not lag while playing high graphic games.
  • Battery life on this budget phone is outstanding. Thus it will last for a very long time.


  • It has a low-resolution screen, thus making it a drawback.
  • Realme 5 still comes with a micro USB slot, while other budget phones (s) have upgraded to Type C USB ports.

2. Redmi Note 7(Rs.9399)

Surprisingly even with glass sheets on both the side, it is not slippery…

Redmi Note 7 android phone

In the first impression, the phone looks like a regular handset in this segment. But it comes packed with features. Firstly it has corning gorilla glass 5 on both sides, hence making it look classy & sturdy at the same time. Surprisingly even with glass sheets on both the side, it is not slippery. Unusually, the LED notification light is placed at the bottom of the phone. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack & a hybrid SIM Slot.

If Redmi Note 8 is not available for less than Rs. 10000, you can always consider this one as an option which is also one of the good phones under 10000.


  • The battery is huge on this phone. Hence it lasts for more than a day.
  • Its design is definitely premium looking. Therefore making it a huge selling point.
  • The display is quite good with punchy colors.
  • It is Widevine L1 certified. Hence you can stream shows from apps like Netflix & Amazon Prime.
  • AI in the camera app works well. Also, daylight photography is quite good.
  • Audio output & quality is quite impressive.


  • The phone supports quick charge but it comes with a 10W charger only. Thus making it a big disadvantage.
  • Overall camera performance is not that great.
  • This phone has a lot of pre-installed apps. Thus it sends a lot of spam notifications.
  • The one-handed software mode is inconsistent.
  • It doesn’t have 4K video recording.

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1. Redmi Note 8(Rs.9999)

The rear quad-camera setup is one of the best performers in this price segment.

Redmi Note 8 android phone

This budget phone certainly looks beautiful & has a beautiful display to compliment it. The rear quad-camera setup is one of the best performers in this price segment, hence an obvious advantage. It delivers a stutter-free performance whether you are gaming or browsing. To support all this it also has a large battery, hence it will not run out on you for a day. All these power-packed features make this phone one of the best budget phones under 10000.

Note: This phone is usually on sale for under Rs. 10000 on Amazon.


  • It comes with an 18W charger. Hence reducing the charging time significantly.
  • The display is bright, crisp & thus offers great viewing angles.
  • The fingerprint sensor on this budget phone works promptly.


  • A lot of apps are pre-installed, therefore unwanted notifications keep on popping up.
  • The camera app has an HDR option, but sadly that doesn’t work as expected.


Samsung Galaxy M20 has a lot of shortcomings, the image quality is average, the UI is outdated & the color & design is mediocre. But it certainly lasts through the day & comes with useful features. It’s not the best, but worth considering for Samsung enthusiast. More cons and fewer pros made it to the last in our phones under 10000 list.

Vivo U10 has managed to place itself in the budget phone market with some very useful features. It sure looks good & doesn’t lag behind in an area. And, for the price, it is consequently a good buy.

Realme 5 with its splash-resistant body & a rear quad camera setup, definitely has a lot going for it. Good performance, great battery backup & above average camera performance thus making it a strong competitor in the budget phone segment.

Redmi Note 7 has paid attention to its design. With the corning gorilla glass on both sides, it is premium in looks. Widevine L1 certification is significant merit & good camera performance makes it the perfect package.

Redmi Note 8 is a hero when it comes to the budget phone segment. With all the necessary features & a few more additions, its a phone that tops the list, a no brainer if you will.

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