Reachability Cursor – App of the Week (Week 2)

Reachability Cursor is a nifty tool for big-display Android phone owners. The average screen size of an Android phone is more than 5.5-inch, so reaching the top of the device with one hand is quite a difficult task. Here comes this app for the rescue.

This app, Reachability Cursor, is a new app in the Play Store. The developer, NiftyUI, recently posted about it on r/androidapps. I don’t usually buy every other app/subscription but this one is one of the must-have apps I have come across.

You’ll not regret paying for the pro version of this app.


A phone running Android 7.0 or higher.

How to Use Reachability Cursor?

The first thing you’ll see after opening the app for the first time is that it asks for accessibility settings permission. Why? Because after these permissions, it can perform gestures and clicks on your behalf. In the accessibility settings page, it’s written that the app doesn’t collect personal or sensible data and will never do which is a good thing.

Now you have the app ready to perform upper-half clicks on your behalf. Just swipe your thumb from right to left or vice versa from the edge of your device. You can set the desired width of swipe pads by paying for the pro version. By default, it is 16dp which is decent enough for me.

After bringing the cursor on the screen, just take it to anywhere and start playing with it. I purchased the pro version after just two hours of usage. That way it supported and motivated the developer to develop more such apps.

The Pro Features

The most interesting features you’ll get after buying the pro version of this app is customizing the edge actions. Just push the cursor to the top (notification bar) and it opens Quick Settings – No clicks required. Swiping to the left/right edge hides the cursor. You can always change these settings anytime.

More: You can customize the color and transparency of the cursor, tracker and even the cursor trail color. In the pro version, you can use long clicks, adjust the cursor and tracker area.

Cursor and Tracking Area: It is an advanced feature. You can leave this setting to default. But, If you are a power user, you can configure the settings as per your phone’s display size (and your thumb’s reachability on screen). I set it as per my comfort so that I don’t have to stretch my thumb to reach the top edge. Pretty clever!

The Problems I Faced

I use SwiftKey keyboard’s swipe to write feature all the time. I noticed that when I swipe the word starting with “P”, It opens the reachability cursor which is unwanted at that time.

Also, In some apps, I open navigation drawer by swiping left to right from the left edge of the display, And again it fires up the cursor.

Update: Adding these bugs after a couple of months usage.

Stuck on screen: Sometimes, the cursor and the large circle freezes on top of everything. It gets worse when you are typing and this happens and you can’t type anymore easily. Now you have two options, either uninstall the app and reinstall it or go to the settings > App > rechability cursor and force close it.

Android System Bug: 1 out of 5 times, I swipe my thumb from the either edge of the screen to pop out the reachability cursor, the cursor comes right away but when I click on anything using this, It shows a message that Android stopped to replay your gestures and it’s a known error and you need to disable and enable the accessibility settings. But you can just ignore this error and on the second try it should work. But why on the first place does this error come?

(See the screenshot at the end of the post)

How can the problems be solved

For the keyboard one, The developer can shift the verticle position of swipe pads above the keyboard (Also, add a setting for a user if he wants this feature or not).

And for the navigation drawer, Add two more locations along with Bottom and Left & Right – Left, Right. That way, I can just select the right edge and the problem is solved.
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If you own a device which has a large display then consider trying this app. The app doesn’t have any ads but you can pay anytime to upgrade to the pro version.

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