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How to Play Youtube Videos in Background – Android

In this fresh new post, I am going to tell you a simple trick to play a youtube video in the background on your Android phone. Now, this is not a post which will tell you to install a 3rd party (and illegal) app to play Youtube videos in the background. But, some relatively easy steps which have been there for a couple of years.

YouTube in Background

Android Notification Youtube in Background

  1. All you need to do is open YouTube website in Google Chrome and request desktop site.
  2. Open the video and play it.
  3. Press the home button to go to Home.
  4. The video must be either playing or paused, You can control this in the notification bar.

Such an easy way to play any YouTube video in the background be it a movie, song or a web-series.

Why there aren’t any apps to play YouTube videos in the background?

There are, actually. But these apps get suspended from time to time as Google gets to know about them. Because, according to YouTube’s T&C, developing an app to play Youtube videos in the background is illegal.

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