How I designed a gaming center using my Android Phone

I have recently opened a gaming center and interior designing was not my subject. I was looking for something that could save my time as well as design a beautiful interior neatly. And then I found Planner 5D on Play Store.

Earlier I designed the indoor on a paper which looked quite rough. I was looking for some sort of software like AutoCAD. But I didn’t have time to learn AutoCAD or any similar software. I searched for “interior design” on Play Store and there was Planner 5D waiting for me to install.

I tried Houzz too but It was not for my need. It basically shows pictures of already designed offices and homes for ‘inspiration’. I settled for Planner 5D. The app is free if you want to use some of its free models. For the rest, there are plans for in-app purchase.

I saved myself an architect fee of Rs. 50000+ and created a DIY interior model for less than Rs. 200.

Planner5D is for those who want to design an space from scratch. You provide the measurements for everything (i.e. floor plan, wall height, etc) and it creates an empty area in the app. You can switch from 2D to 3D and vice versa, very easily. Thought I didn’t like the panning in 3D mode. I ended up buying a year’s membership so that I can use all the models (doors, windows, furnishings, etc) for my project.

The interface is very easy. You just drag and drop the models, set its size and colors and you are good to go. Sometimes, I didn’t like the overall design and I didn’t want to overwrite the current project, So I duplicated and created a couple of blueprint interior plans to choose from.

Planner 5D Screenshot - Interior Designing

Planner 5D – Interior Designing for Hobbyists

I found this app so great that anyone with least knowledge of interior designing can use its tools to create beautiful designs. But remember, this app is not for professionals. It’s for people like me who want to see the 3D view of fully furnished office/home on an empty carpet area.

What I liked about Planner5D

  • Drag and Drop UI.
  • Free to use (with limited models).
  • View in 3D (and VR).
  • A vast collection of models.

What I disliked about Planner5D

  • Pan in 3D mode.
  • Can’t use the purchased license for web-version.
  • No false-ceiling models.

If you are looking forward to renovate your home or designing your office without afar knowledge of interior designing, consider this app. Start with free models and purchase a year’s license if you like the app and want to use the premium models. Along with Planner5D, I also used Trello to categorize my ToDo lists and tasks for the gaming center – from construction to inauguration.
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