Neverthink – Android App of the Week (Week 1)

I was introduced to Neverthink app on Reddit. Basically, this is a Youtube based 3rd party app on Android (also available for other OS) which has a completely different design than the official Youtube app.

No Account, No channel subscription needed. Just hand-picked videos based on your topics of interest.

Developers of this app claim that they handpick videos every day for Neverthink. So there’s no machine selecting videos for you. You just have to select a “category” of interest like “Learn something”.

Suppose in a morning, you are in a mood to learn something. Just fire this app and click on Learn Something category and it will load a random video in that category for you.

Target Audience

This app is for those who are bored with their Youtube timeline and even the Trending tab. Sometimes, the Youtube app shows you repetitive content based on the videos you recently watched. For example, if I watch a lot of bird videos, Youtube fills my timeline with more bird videos until I watch videos of a different genre. That’s how machine learning works.

They have a dedicated team whose full-time job is to watch Youtube videos, every day.

Neverthink app remote

If you are bored, want to watch some fresh new content; Neverthink won’t disappoint you. At the time of writing this article, there are 38 genres available. And every time you tap on a genre (or category) a random video starts to play (which is handpicked by the app devs). Tap again and a new video shall play. No more swiping down for interesting content.

Notable features:

  • Add videos to favorites.
  • 38 channels to choose from. Curated by Neverthink team.
  • The app is available for Android, iOS, Apple TV and as a desktop website.
  • One tap to play the video on the Youtube app.
  • One tap to cast the video.

Areas of improvement

Fast forward: I am a kind of a person who fast-forwards a lot. This app lacks this quintessential feature but that can be added anytime in an update. For now, you are left only with a drag and drop progress bar.

Second point. The app could also enjoy more audience if it were also launched for Amazon Fire TV stick.

Three. Only two options for video quality. I think I know why developers selected only two. Maybe because not all videos are HD, FHD (and even 4K). But it would be great to select a specific quality like 720p or 480p to save data. Not a big issue for me but can be for some users.

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