How much money did Google pay Nabisco to use the name Oreo

So Android O is better known as Oreo now and this wasn’t a surprise after all. Most of us already knew it’s going to be Oreo. But there’s a little curiosity in our minds about why Google names their OS on other brand’s product line. And how much money does Google pay for royalty?

First of all, this is not the first time Android has ever used a product’s name. We all have tasted KitKat on our Android devices.

So how much money is involved?

Let’s not become a click bait and fill this post with nonsense, I want to let you know that Google pays nothing in terms of royalty to any companies. It’s a cross deal between Nabisco and Google. And it benefits both the companies. Google has benefits of using Nabisco’s product name Oreo and Nabisco has the benefits of free marketing.

The same happened with KitKat. Google called Nestle and proposed the deal. Within 24 hours, the deal was finalized and the rest is history.

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