7 Machine Learning Apps for Android You Are Already Using

Machine Learning is important today and is future as it teaches computers to assign and do tasks themselves. This term “Machine Learning” is on hype these days. But did you know that you are already using some Machine Learning apps for Android for a few years?

Yes, Google has a patent for Machine Learning in mobile devices and since then it has sported ML in few of its apps like GMaps, Google Now, etc. Let’s discuss some famous Android apps which use Machine Learning.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

This keyboard became popular because of word suggestions and ability to learn words based on user input. I have been using this keyboard on my Android phone for 5 odd years. I sometimes type in Hinglish (Hindi + English) and my input language is English (US) and it’s done a great job so far that it learned all the Hindi words I use the most and completes the sentence based on the word and article. It now even predicts emojis.

2. Google Maps and Google Now

Google Maps knows when you are driving (only if your GPS is switched on) and it automatically saved the location where you park your vehicle. It’s very handy to find the car when you park in a large parking lot.

Another use of Machine Learning by Google is Google Now. It shows you relevant data based on your usage and emails. Google Now knows that you have a prime show of a movie at a certain time.

3. Youtube and Instagram (and Netflix)

We all use Youtube but have you ever wondered where do the videos in “Home” tab come from? They are relevant to the videos you recently watched. Same goes for Instagram “Discover”. If you see a lot of hot girls’ photos in your Discover feed, then you have been browsing Instagram that way.

Once I browsed only workstation setup on Instagram, and It showed most photos relevant to computer setups. Machine learning has been put to the good use.

4. Tinder

Tinder also uses Machine Learning for its new feature “Smart Photos” which is helpful for a user to find a match. See how much work some devs do to find a good match for you.

5. Walnut

Walnut App Screenshot

This is an amazing personal finance app and sets a good example of Machine Learning usage. This app scans all the SMSs in your phone and analyzes your transactions and shows in beautiful lists and charts. It also uses crowd-sourcing to show active ATMs nearby with cash.

6. Truecaller

The popularity of this app is so great that my uncle who owns an iPhone wants to switch to Android just because of Truecaller showing live caller ID. Truecaller uses machine learning to show the top spam numbers for the area and reminds you to call a person who just called you a few minutes ago.

7. Snapchat

Beautiful Snapchat Picture Art

Snapchat uses machine learning for its filters. They bought machine learning algorithm from a Ukranian company for a whopping $150M. This algorithm recognizes your face, movement of lips, eyes, nose, etc.

Image credits to their official websites and pixabay.

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