Apps you must have to Learn to code on Android

Recently, there’s a rise in the number of apps that teach programming on Android devices itself. There are plenty of apps that claim you to learn to code on Android devices.

Back in 2011, when Android was entering maturity age, there were hardly any quality apps besides from Udacity, edX, Udemy, etc. But these apps had one thing in common. They all believed to teach programming by showing Videos, do stuff on the computer and submit projects. Basically, the purpose of these apps was to watch the videos and discuss things with the community.

Sololearn is an all-rounder app to learn coding.

Today, we have apps like Sololearn which has built-in IDE to test the code, apps like Enki which has quizzes and games to make the learning more interesting.

Apps you should download to learn to code on Android


This is a very popular and highly rated app. This is one stop app to learn the variety of different programming languages. The good things about this app are:

  • Variety of courses to choose from.
  • Step by step training.
  • Covers all the basics.
  • Quiz after every topic.
  • Programming competition with other members.
  • Code playground to test your code. No need to go to the computer to test the code.
  • Certificate of completion.

Back in 2014, I did Java from Udacity before jumping into Android development. Recently, I wanted to brush up my Java knowledge so I did the entire basic course on Sololearn again. I wanted to complete the course and explore other ‘locked’ topics as soon as possible. Upon completion, I did get a certificate. Also, competitions with community members motivate you to learn new things.


You can use this app alongside Sololearn to brush up your coding skills for a particular language. Unlike Sololearn, Enki doesn’t have a wide range of programming languages to choose from but langs like Java, JS, Python, etc are there and maybe in future, devs might add more languages.

Enki is one of its kind because it teaches you basic-to-advanced programming techniques one at a time. It has daily workouts for each chosen language and to finish a workout, you have to answer a related question (or you may skip which is not recommended). Even professionals and veterans can learn new things.

The app has games too. Not the one like 2048, candy crush, etc. But the games like: Guess the class, Generators and Promises, Thread-safe, and more.

If you think you have finished a course or know basics of a programming language, proceed to Enki.

Traditional apps like edX, Udacity, Udemy, etc

If you want to learn new things watching someone do it, then there are plenty of apps for you. edX has university courses from all around the world, Its CS50 course from Harvard is a popular course for beginners. Udacity has courses on various topics (like Google’s official nano degree program for Android, Android courses, Java courses, etc). Whereas Udemy has indie content where people like you and me can create courses and sell on Udemy.

Also, don’t forget YouTube. There are a plethora of channels for Programming. My favorite channels for programming needs are Derek Banas(this guy covers all things, GENIUS), Hitech Choudhary, Slidenerd (don’t know why did he discontinue Android tutorial videos).

Choose the app(s) which suits your requirement, play with them. All of them are free (except some courses offered by Udacity and Udemy)

Honorable mentions: Coursera, Sketchware, Khan Academy, Unacedemy.

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