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How to use Android Phone as a Mouse for PC/Mac (and Linux)

There are a plethora of Android apps for using a mobile phone as a mouse for your computer. We will discuss three apps for this purpose and pick the winner out of three.

WiFi Mouse

This is the only app in this list to support the most number of operating systems. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can download the server file from the official website and app from Google Play Store.

WiFi Mouse Pro Quick Shortcuts

  • Has got themes.
  • Quick Shortcuts.
  • File browser (which didn’t work for me)
  • Server not available directly from Apple’s App Store. Though you can download the server from its official website.
  • Server’s installation on Mac is a traditional type. Doesn’t support the new drag and drop installation (which I have been using since 2011, the year I got my first Mac computer).
  • Bad mouse sensitivity. In my test of using this app on Nexus 5 (Android OS 6) and iMac running High Sierra, the mouse stuttered a lot.
  • Some of the app shortcuts are paid. I tried Screen capture, it didn’t work.

Mouse Kit (Yooii)

This app is in the market for too long. I remember using this app on my Macbook Air a couple of years back. It’s better and the mouse stutters less. You can download the server from its official website and app from Google Play Store.

  • Dedicated Scroll button, so that you don’t have to drag two fingers to scroll a page.
  • Settings. You can change from mouse sensitivity to themes.
  • Stutters less compared to the rest of the apps featured in this post.
  • Works well over the hotspot. But this feature is not feasible in today’s internet world (except in case you have a good mobile data plan).
  • No quick app shortcuts like other apps featured.
  • The multi-touch option is there but it’s paid (Pro version).

Remote Mouse

First thing I noticed about this app is that the developers have not updated this app to use Android’s runtime permissions. Accepting permissions before installing is a thing of past now. Well, let us focus on the app’s pros and cons. Download server from official website and app from Google Play Store.

Remote Mouse for Android shows MacOS Dock on phone

  • Available over Apple’s App Store (downloadable from the website too).
  • Supports multi-touch. Like two finger tap for right click and pinch to zoom.
  • Quick Shortcuts for apps and power menu.
  • When connected to Mac, it clones the dock. Wow. (see the image above)
  • Stutters more than Mouse Kit (your experience may differ).
  • Ads on top of the screen (you can pay and remove the ads forever, though).


If I had to pick one of the three apps then it would be Remote Mouse because of its pros like built-in multi-touch support without paying for pro version and quick dock shortcuts. All the apps have presenter tabs and media player. The presenter is free and the media player is locked (to be purchased).

Why would one use an Android phone as a mouse?

Okay, Not everyone uses wired keyboard and mouse. I have wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard and mouse which run on AA batteries. The batteries drain down quickly so I have to put them on charge and while they are charging, I use my phone as a keyboard and mouse. Though it’s not as efficient as having a dedicated hardware but things work well.

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