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How to Mirror Android Phone to PC/Mac over WiFi

Mirroring Android phone to PC/Mac is not a task which we do on regular basis. But different users might have different usage with this. In case you simply don’t want to shift your focus from your computer and want to control your phone directly from your work computer (like I do sometimes) then you need to know the easiest approach to mirror your phone to PC.


The best thing is that you can mirror your phone’s display directly to your computer wirelessly via WiFi. All you need to do is install ApowerMirror to both your phone and computer.

You can control your Android phone from your computer wirelessly. No Root required.

Simply go to Google Play Store and install ApowerMirror and install the same app on your computer (PC/Mac). The best part about this app is that it is free and supports screen mirroring and control via USB and wirelessly. You don’t need to look for any other tool than this if screen mirroring of Android phone to your computer is what you want to do.

The app comes with three options: Guest, Free and VIP account. I have tried screen mirroring using the guest account and it worked well for me. I didn’t feel like signing up to their website for a “Free” account. But registered users do get some benefits over the guest users like recording screens, keyboard usage, etc.

APowerMirror MAC OS

How to mirror the screen on ApowerMirror app

  • Install Apowermirror app on your computer and your Android phone.
  • Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging in Developer Options.
  • Connect your phone to the computer via USB (for the first time)
  • Select your device on ApowerMirror (desktop app) in USB tab.
  • Your Android phone’s display should be on the computer now.

From the next time, you can simply open the app on your desktop and on your phone and mirror over WiFi. No wires required. In guest mode, you’ll see a watermark hovering over the home button.

Download it for Desktop / Android.


Vysor is a decent alternative to ApowerMirror. Why decent? Because it’s not that good in terms of screen mirror quality and it does have a lot of interstitial ads. Ads are fine for a free service but they appear too frequently on Vysor.

Vysor over APowerMirror

One thing Vysor takes over Apowermirror is that it can install the app on your phone from its computer app. In worst case, if your phone’s display is not working and you want to install a screen mirror app. That would be difficult (or sometimes impossible), comes Vysor to the rescue.

Before considering APowerMirror app for this post, I was looking for a way to mirror phone’s display via ADB commands. And after a thorough research, I found out that you can achieve this by writing a command in terminal but you’ll have to install a few apps and libraries to get started.

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