Top 5 Best High-Capacity Battery Phones for India in 2020

With so much of our work done on the phones, it is important that the battery lasts long. Keeping that in mind, the phone companies have integrated bigger & better batteries in the handsets. Here is a list of best high capacity battery phones in India that have massive battery life & charges quickly too.

Quick Comparisons

Realme 5
Phone/ Features Xiaomi Redmi 8AOppo A9 2020Vivo Z1ProRealme 5SSamsung Galaxy M30S
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 439Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Qualcomm Snapdragon 712Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Exynos 9611
OSAndroid 9.0Android 9.0Android 9.0Android 9.0Android 9.0
Camera(Rear)12MP48MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP16MP, 8MP, 2MP48MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP48MP, 8MP, 5MP

Xiaomi Redmi 8A

The phone has IP68 water & dust resistant rating.

Xiaomi Redmi8A - best high capacity battery phone
Xiaomi Redmi8A- High capacity battery phone

Xiaomi Redmi series churns out affordable smartphones for the Indian market, but it doesn’t fall short on important features even with an economical price tag. The Redmi 8A boasts a 5000mAh battery which is not common even in the elite smartphones category.


  • The phone has IP68 water & dust resistant rating.
  • It is priced very reasonably for the number of features it includes.
  • Also, the full HD display doesn’t disappoint in this price range.
  • The look & design aspect of the phone is not neglected. Its looks are impressive for this price segment.


  • A lot of bloatware comes preinstalled on the mobile phone. Thus plaguing it with spam notifications.
  • It doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, hence making it a major drawback.
  • This smartphone has a single 12MP lens at the back & image quality is just average.

Realme 5S

It even has a Game Space to optimize the performance of the phone while gaming.

Realme 5S Best battery Capacity Phone
Realme 5S – best high capacity battery phone

Delivering a phone that has numerous features, performs well & priced economically is what Realme does very well. With Realme 5S it does it again. Apart from a huge & efficient battery, it comes with handy features & an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner.


  • The fingerprint scanner is accurate & fast.
  • Sound output & quality are quite good too.
  • It even has a Game Space to optimize the performance of the phone while gaming.
  • The main 48MP lens does not disappoint & clicks good quality images.


  • It still has the micro USB port instead of the TypeC.
  • The placement of the fingerprint scanner is a bit too high, thus making it uncomfortable to reach.
  • Apart from the main camera lens, the camera performance is below average.

Vivo Z1 Pro

It has a Voice changer feature, which allows you to talk to your teammates in different voices

Vivo Z1 Pro -best high capacity battery phone
Vivo Z1 Pro – Best high capacity battery phone

 To compete with the likes of Xiaomi & Realme, Vivo has come up with Vivo Z1 Pro. It does have a few standouts features like the Voice changer, which allows you to talk to your teammates in different voices, while gaming. Also, the camera performs quite good & the addition of 5000mAh battery puts it on our list of high capacity battery phones.


  • The camera performs quite well lending the pictures good color, contrast & detail.
  • It features a super night mode, that brings out great pictures at night.
  • It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor, which makes the phone run smoothly.


  • The display is not particularly appealing & the colors are oversaturated.
  • The fun-touch OS has a heavy iOS influence & it takes quite a bit to get used to for previous android users as well.
  • The charging speed is slow, even with the fast charger that comes with the phone.

Oppo A9 2020

Oppo has incorporated 8GB RAM & 128GB of storage

Oppo A9- best high capacity battery phone
Oppo A9- best high capacity battery phone

Oppo has incorporated 8GB RAM & 128GB of storage which none of the phones in this segment can brag about. Combined with a powerful chipset, the phone performs splendidly even while gaming, hence it makes a spot in our “Best high Capacity battery phones” list.


  • The image quality on this phone is quite good & it captures clear images even at night.
  • Stereo speakers are of good quality too.


  • Both the 2MP lenses have little or no use & have been put to claim the Quad-cam setup.
  • It’s built out of plastic & thus looks not very elegant.
  • The phone lacks IP68 water & dust resistance rating.

Samsung Galaxy M30S

The ONE UI focuses on single-handed use which is another virtue with a tall 6.4″ display.

Samsung Galaxy M30S- Best high capacity battery phone
Samsung Galaxy M30S- best high capacity battery phone

Samsung has put a lot of effort to capture the customers in the low range phone market. The addition of an extraordinary 6000mAh battery has put Galaxy M30S at the top of our “Best high capacity battery phones” list. Aside from this, the ONE UI focuses on single-handed use which is another virtue with a tall 6.4″ display.


  • Even with a triple rear camera, the phone is light with smooth edges, slim and easy to hold.
  • It features an always-on mode, which is a rarity in these low to mid-range segment phones.
  • The AMOLED display is sharp, with good viewing angles.
  • The triple rear camera churns out vibrant pictures with good details. Even when shooting against the light, it managed good separation between the subject & background.
  • It has a new chat over the video feature, which lets you reply to notification while watching a video in a pop-up window.


  • The fingerprint scanner is not the fastest around & takes a few seconds to unlock the phone.
  • Although the display is sharp & vibrant, the body is made of plastic which looks cheap.
  • It heats up after a while when playing high-quality games.


Vivo Z1 Pro has loads of new & cool features that would make it a good buy, but the OS would be a concern for a lot of Android using customers. But a little practice & the powerful chipset promise a good performance.

Samsung Galaxy M30 with a 6000mAh battery is undoubtedly the best high capacity battery phone from the lot. So

Redmi 8A is economical & even has IP68 water & dust resistant rating. The only drawback is the single 12MP camera, which is rather disappointing.

Realme has stepped up its game in this competitive marketing with Realme 5S. But the dated micro USB port is a letdown. But, the Quad-camera set makes up for it, making it worth considering.

OPPO A9 provides a lot of storage & combined with an 8GB RAM it sits high on the priority list of potential customers.

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