Google Lens is coming: Here’s the Preview for Pixel

AI has been a part of Google Photos for a long time. Noticed?

We all use Google Photos for the free unlimited backup, And soon Google is adding Google Lens to this app. Google Lens is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence). It will be really interesting to see this in action.

Recently Google rolled out Google Lens for Google Pixel and users have posted the screenshots of this app in action. And the results are impressive.

Google Lens in action

Google Lens can identify artworks to statues, books to video games. And this technology is said to be the future of Google and it’s only going to improve over time.

Google Photos already has AI

Artificial Intelligence has been a part of Google Photos. Did you notice it in your app? Probably yes but maybe you didn’t know it as AI. It’s the People’s faces it tracks and filters photos based on that. Experience this right now by opening Google Photos > Search. Now you’ll see faces of people in your photos. AI it is.

But hey, Google Lens is basically Google Goggles on steroids.

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