Why Microsoft’s app is The Best SMS app for Android – SMS Organizer

I never thought I’d download a third party SMS app on my phone as instant messaging is already a burden. But after installing and using this app, developed by Microsoft, I fell in love with SMS again (not as it sounds). I found this the best and must-have SMS app for every Android device.

Let’s not fill this post with unwanted words and move on to discuss why Microsoft’s SMS Organiser is the best Android app and reasons to set it as the default SMS app. Here’s our review.

1. Organised Approach

Microsoft Android SMS Organizer

This is the key feature I love about this app. The messages are decluttered and organized into three different tabs: Personal, Transactional and Promotional. Two more (Archive and Blocked) are there but they are not as important as these three.

Before SMS Organiser, it was a pain to look at important SMS from real users. Yes, some still use the traditional way to communicate. My SMS app (Hangouts) would be a list of transactional and promotional SMS from bulk messaging services. Only around 2 per 100 SMS were from humans.

The first point should be enough for you to switch to this app. Wink*

2. Due Date Reminders

This might be very useful for the users who receive due date messages for their bills. The app, with the help of machine learning, gets to know the amount and the due date for a particular bill.

Like I get timely messages from Airtel with the due amount and date for broadband usage, This app reminds me before the date to pay the bills and upcoming reminders. Pretty Nifty.

3. Send Free SMS

Microsoft Android SMS Organizer free messages

You can send 30 free SMS per day from your own number, using this app. We, people in India, already have 100 free SMS per day (thanks to Jio). But I still use the free SMS feature to send free messages from my primary number (Airtel) which doesn’t offer any free messages.

4. Block SMS, even from Bulk SMS Senders

Microsoft Android SMS Organizer block messagesYou can now block messages from bulk message senders (like DM-BULKSMS). Before this app, I could only block messages from personal numbers. Please be noted that this actually hides the blocked SMS from main tabs.

5. Set Rules to Automatically Delete SMS

Microsoft Android SMS Organizer Rules to automatically delete messages


You can set the rules to automatically delete transactional SMS (or any SMS of your choice) after a certain period of time. This is advantageous to delete the OTP SMS from banks, after 3 days of receiving (unfortunately, this is the minimum setting. Wish one hour was there too).

6. Starred SMS

Microsoft Android SMS Organizer Starred messages

You can star particular messages to view them later. Like very important transactions from the bank, or even some good jokes if you are still receiving them as SMS (instead of Whatsapp or Hike).
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Microsoft knows that SMS is no longer used as an instant messaging platform. We all have several apps for this need and SMS is mainly used for transactional notifications or promotional nonsense. Only a little chunk is useful and personal. This is where SMS Organizer stands out.

Also, Do change this setting. By default, if you swipe, it archives the messages instead of changing tabs. You can set this by going to the Settings > General > Swipe Options: Switch Tabs on Swipe and ENABLE it.

101Android Editorial Rating-4.8/5. Could improve the ViewPager for swiping. It doesn’t feel natural when swiping tabs.

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