Best Mobile Phones for Shooting YouTube Videos

YouTube is currently the largest video streaming service on the internet in terms of both viewer base as well as the number of upcoming creators. We are seeing an increase in the number of YouTube creators day by day. So if you’re also looking forward to starting a YouTube channel and want the best starter camera for your channel, then a modern smartphone is perfect for beginning. Therefore, today we are taking a look at the Best Mobile Phones for YouTube Videos.

The Best – Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Talking about the ultimate mobile phone for shooting YouTube videos, it has to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Not only you get powerful and capable hardware, but even the software side has all the options you will ever need. You have the option for recording 4K 60 fps videos as well as slow-motion videos at 960 fps along with support for extensive manual control in video. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also has a variable aperture camera which can be useful for advanced users. Apart from having great cameras, you also get a large screen if you’re into vlogging which can be quite useful.

Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL are also an honorable mention regarding their video shooting capabilities. You get 4K video recording, high-quality slow-motion videos and manual video support, and a great camera sensor. The Pixel 3 is known for its great camera with high dynamic range and awesome low light performance. These features and specs can allow you to easily make any kind of YouTube video.

Mid-Range : OnePlus 6T

Talking about the mid-range smartphones, OnePlus’ latest flagship killer is also a very capable video shooting device. The OnePlus 6T provides you almost all of the feature which you may find in any of the flagship devices. With OnePlus 6T you get two cameras that support video recording upto 4K at 60 fps. You can also record slow-motion videos upto 240 fps that is more than enough for a mid-range smartphone. As for the software, Oxygen OS has the option of manual video for advanced video recording on your phone.

Budget : Xiaomi Mi A2

Looking at the entry-level smartphones which are great for recording YouTube Videos, we have Xiaomi’s Mi A2. While this phone doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles like other smartphones that we have mentioned, it does have a pair of great cameras at the back. For its price, the Mi A2 has one of the best sensors especially for low light conditions. And you also get support for 4k 30 fps video as well as slow-motion video but at lower resolutions.

Well, these were the Best Mobile Phones for Shooting YouTube Videos on the go. We hope this article helps you in choosing your next smartphone with shooting YouTube Videos in Mind.

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I’m a 72-year old journalist. Now I’m on retirement mode (!) and planning to travel extensively. Can you suggest a smartphone below Rs 25,000 that I can use for starting a YouTube channel. I’ll br focussing mostly on temples in Kerala. Please also suggest a suitable gimble. I’m grateful for your recommendations.

Hi, This is a old post from Dec’18 and many new good phones were introduced recently which I am not tracking.
If your budget is 25k INR + gimble (10K approx) then I would suggest you to go for GoPro Hero 8 black from amazon. It’s available for 30K and its camera is very good for photo and video both. And with this, you won’t need to buy gimble.

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