Why should you Root Android Phones? The Benefits!

There are plenty of reasons you should root Android phones. Perhaps You want to remove the OEM bloatware, or you want to take a full backup of your device. There’s one way, Root Android Phones. But if you think rooting will make your device faster or you don’t have a specific reason to root then rooting is not for you.

The Benefits of Rooting Android Device

1. Remove Bloatware

There are higher chances that your phone came with OEM bloatware if it’s not stock (or near-Stock) Android OS. Example: Some people find Facebook distracting but they cannot uninstall it but can only disable it. Rooting will help you completely uninstall any system app. You can try this app to uninstall a system app.

2. Install Stock Android (via Custom ROMs)

You can install the latest version of Android in your device which was dumped by its OEM. Many OEMs are known for not updating their device’s firmware after a certain time and also known for delaying updates. You can root your device and install custom ROMs.

3. Overclocking and Underclocking

Some apps which require root permission can overclock and underclock your Android device. This can eventually increase either its performance or battery life.

4. Make Use of root-required apps and frameworks

You cannot install Xposed framework if your Android device is not rooted. There are plenty of apps that require root permission to run. One of the important apps is Tasker, To get the most of it, You need to have your Android device rooted.

5. Complete Backups

This has to be the most helpful benefit of rooting Android phone. You can do a complete backup of your Android device using recovery tools or third-party apps like Titanium Backup (a swiss-army knife since inception). Complete backup helps you save all the files in your Android device viz. Apps, System apps, and its files, Settings, and configurations. When you do a real backup like this, you can format and restore your device to the point it was before backup. Quite Nifty!

6. Block Internet access to apps

Though this can also be done without rooting, But if you have root access, you can have more control over app permissions. There are apps which can remove permissions from apps with root access.

These are the benefits you should consider before you root Android phones. I will update the post with more benefits if found in future.

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