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Automatically Toggle WiFi based on Location without GPS (via Tasker)

Tasker is a very popular Android app which is used for adding automation to your Android device. With the Tasker app, you have unlimited possibilities to automate tasks in your Android device. Today we will be taking you through the process for creating an automated task which toggles your phone’s WiFi according to your phone’s location. It can be highly useful when you want your phone’s WiFi to be turned off when you leave your home.

How to Setup Automated Tasks in Tasker?

To automate the WiFi of your Android device, we have to first setup two tasks in Tasker. While the first task is responsible for turning your WiFi on, the other turns it off once you leave the selected geographical location. So, to add these tasks in Tasker, follow these steps:

  • First, open Tasker app on your Android device and go to the Tasks tab.
  • After that, click on the + icon at the bottom of your phone’s screen and name the new task “WiFi ON“.
  • Once that’s done, click on the + icon on the next screen as well and select “Net” and “WiFi“.
  • Now in the “Set” option, select “On” using the drop down menu and go back to the “Tasks” screen.
Tasker wifi automation
  • Follow these steps again one by one and this time, select “Off” in the drop down menu for “Set” option. Also, make sure to name the new task as “WiFi OFF“.
Tasker wifi automation

Link the Tasks to a Profile for WiFi Automation

Now that we have created two tasks for turning off and on the WiFi of your Android device, we have to link them together to a profile which will switch between these tasks according to your cell tower’s location. To do so, follow these instructions for linking these tasks and automating WiFi on your Android device:

  • Head over to the “Profiles” tab in the tasker app and press the + button on the bottom of your screen.
  • Now, select “State“, then “Phone“, and “Cell Near” in here. After this tap on “Scan” which will scan the cell towers around you giving an approx location of your mobile to tasker without using GPS.
Tasker wifi automation
  • Once the scanning process is complete, click on “Stop” and go back. Then, select “WiFi ON” task from the list on your screen.
  • Finally, long tap on “WiFi ON” and select “Add Exit Task” and choose “WiFi OFF” which will automate the WiFi of your Android device.
Tasker Cell Location Profile Phone State

Well, this was the full guide on how to toggle WiFi of your Android Device based on Location via Tasker. We hope this article helps you in successfully automating the WiFi networks of your Android Device.

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