3 Powerful Android Apps to increase your Productivity

In this digital age, multitasking has become a habit but without managing the tasks in a proper way can lead to unproductivity. You’ll need Android productivity apps to boost work efficiency.

Have you ever thought that you have a lot of things to do but cannot focus on a single thing? That’s because you are simply not managing the tasks. To complete a task, you should divide it into multiple sub-tasks. That might sound theoretical but don’t worry, with this post I’ll tell you its practical usage.

I won’t tell you a list of 10 different apps which do the same thing. But, just three android productivity apps which I personally use in my day to day life. And I use them all for both personal and professional use. The best part of these apps is that they are available as web apps as well.

These are the Android productivity apps

a) Trello
b) Google Keep
c) Calendar


This is one of a kind productive app and unlike many apps, it’s not just a to-do list app. This can categorize big tasks in a “board” and then you can create lists (which will be your sub-tasks). I have been using Trello for more than a year and it’s so far so good. I recently opened a video gaming zone and all the tasks were planned and managed in this app. Let me show you a screenshot of the board when the GameZone work was in progress.Trello inspiration game zone board - android productivity apps

Trello is a must have tool for anyone who wants to get the work done efficiently. You can create all sorts of boards as per your needs. If you are confused, you can look for Trello inspiration boards to know more about the tool in greater detail. This thing is a beast.

You can add power ups to your boards. Use Calendar power up to automatically add trello cards as Calendar event so you can be reminded to do a certain task at a certain time.

One last thing, I have created a new board for 101android in which I would write post ideas, create a backup of my posts (manually), etc.

Google Keep

Trello is for bigger tasks but where will you write smaller notes like wifi information, bank account details, quick notes and what not? You don’t want to create a board in Trello to store just a little piece of information. Here comes Google Keep as the savior.

Notes - android productivity apps

I assume that most of you nowadays are familiar with note-taking apps and you have used a number of apps to take notes, me too. So far, I found Google Keep the best note-taking app for my needs. There are many notes apps in Play Store but I prefer Keep because:

  • It’s from Google, hence it is assumed that data is safely backed up.
  • I can use it in any of my devices. And even on a desktop browser.
  • I can easily add people to modify notes/todo list.
  • More such apps: Evernote, OneNote, Notebook (Zoho), S Note.


For this app, you are free to choose your favorite calendar app, be it Google Calendar, S Calendar, Cal from I use Google Calendar as it’s simple to use and powerful enough to fulfill my needs.

Calendar - android productivity apps

But, why would you write things on a calendar when you have Google Keep and Trello. Simple because you also want to add your tiny reminder to pay your bills.

Well, these are the three apps which I use in my day to day life for being productive. Let me know in comments, what apps do you use which boosted your productivity to the next level. See you in next awesome post.

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